Both at once?

Students are expected to write a novella in one of the classes I teach. I’ve wanted to complete the assignments of planning, drafting, and revising along with them and thought this semester would be a good time for that. One of my own projects was being edited, so it seemed I could take a break from it for a semester. However, I’ve actually been torn the past few weeks between wanting to revise the work I’ve just had edited and starting a new novella with the class. This is, I realize, a wonderful problem to have.

I don’t usually do more than take notes on one project while working on another, but in this case I may try both at once.

Current projects

I’ll try to update this as it changes. As of the 13th of November 2017, I’ve a bunch of novellas in various stages of completion. Impossible Money is about newlyweds who win the lottery; things go downhill from there. In Lava Springs a woman returns to her hometown to help her monstrous mother and encounters both memories of and actual old friends. Your Warmly Lit House is about a couple on the edge of homelessness, an almost commune, and a girl fleeing polygamy. I’ve also been genre mashing a little: What She Asks of Me and an as yet untitled manuscript are both weird westerns, I guess.

The Secret Physics, which has been published, is probably a post-modern romance portal novel.